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The City's New Energy Program!

The City of New Brunswick has initiated a program that aims to lessen your electricity costs while providing a higher percentage of renewable energy. 

"Government Energy Aggregation" is a State program that allows municipalities to create a large buying group of residential electricity accounts so that they can seek bids for cheaper energy rates. It is governed by the Board of Public Utilities and its Rate Counsel.

What does this mean for you?

  • You will remain a PSE&G customer, and your bill will come from PSE&G, as it always has. You will not receive any other bills from any other energy companies.
  • Your PSE&G bill has always had two parts for electricity:  DELIVERY and SUPPLY.  PSE&G will continue to deliver your power with the same quality of service. The only part that is changing is the SUPPLY. Simply put, we're getting our electricity SUPPLY from a less expensive source. Not only that, but our source will give us 50% renewables instead of the state-required minimum of 19%. 
  • If you like, you may choose a higher renewable energy supply option than what is offered in our plan. 

 What will happen next?

  • Enrollment in the program will be automatic, unless you opt out by June 19. If you don't want this savings, you can opt out by mailing back the card you received by mail, or by calling 1-866-968-8065.
  • If you are enrolled, you are under no obligation to continue to participate in the program and may opt out at any time with no penalties or fees.  There is no risk or cost to the resident. 
  • Account holders that are already with a third party supplier are excluded from this program, but may certainly opt in to get our low rate.
  • If you are enrolled in our program, your meter reading in July will be the last one at the old rates. From that point forward, your energy supply will be at a lower rate. You will see the savings on your August bills.
  • Your monthly PSE&G bill will note the PSE&G DELIVERY portion as it always has.  In the SUPPLY portion of the bill, you will see "Direct Energy Services." You will also see your monthly savings, a comparison of the old PSE&G rate you were paying vs. the new lower rate. Each month your bill will indicate how much you have saved with this new program.
  • If you look at the Electrical Energy Supply section on your PSE&G bill, you will see that the PSE&G rate fluctuates through each month. It's not a fixed rate.  In addition, PSE&G's rate goes up during the four summer months if you use over 600 kWh, which is very likely during the hotter season.  The City's new plan has one fixed rate that never changes, giving the resident a great savings.
  • There is no risk to this new plan. If, at any time, you feel you want to go back to PSE&G for the supply portion, you may do so easily and with no cost, fee, or penalty.

Where can more information be found?
The City has a website set up specifically for ENERGY.  You can find it at renewableNB.com.  It contains our fixed rate for electrical energy SUPPLY, and all the details of the program. Our fixed rate for 17 months is 11.386 cents per kWh. Info is also available on the City's website, Facebook and Twitter.  

The Bottom Line?
Along with a lower energy rate, we can now reduce our carbon footprint by including options for a higher percentage of renewable energy than what is required by state law, making our community a leader in the state.
To participate in the new cost-saving program, you need to do nothing.
To opt out, visit renewableNB.com and click on "Opt-Out" or call 1-866-968-8065.

- All City-authorized Energy program correspondence will contain the City Seal. 
- Our program is not the same as those represented by sales agents who show up at your door, or mail you sales pitches.  
- No one from our City-authorized Energy program will come to your door or ask you for personal information or copies of your bill.  Please beware sales reps that engage in this kind of activity.