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Cable Television Advisory Committee

(The purpose of this Committee can be found in the Municipal Code Section 2.88. The Committee consists of seven members: one each of members of the committee are appointed by the board of education and by the library board of trustees for term of one year each. The remaining member are appointed by the mayor with the advice and consent of council, one is appointed for a term of one year, two are appointed for term of two years and two for terms of three years. Subsequent appointments are for terms of three years except that all vacancies are filled for the unexpired term only.) 

Name  Title  Term Expires 
Eshaya Draper   Board of Education Rep  December 31, 2020
Beth Binde Library Board Representative December 31, 2020
Bobby Virgil    December 31, 2022
Jennifer Bradshaw  Chair  December 31, 2021 
Jane Curry    December 31, 2020 
Ashley Kaplan  Secretary December 31, 2020 
Alvin Fair    December 31, 2020