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Environmental Commission

Due to COVID-19
, meetings will be held via ZOOM video conferencing and will not be held in person. 
Meeting schedule, agendas, minutes, and dial-in information are available by clicking accordingly.

The purpose of this Commission can be found in the Municipal Code Section 2.36.010 (L).
The Bylaws can be accessed HERE.

An Environmental Commission shall consist of five to seven members to serve staggered terms of three years each, to be appointed by the Mayor and serve without compensation. The City Engineer, Planning Director and the Superintendent of Parks and or their designees shall be designated as ex-officio members of this commission.

Name  Title  Team Expires 
Jonathan Malpica    December 31, 2022
Anne Swerdloff   December 31, 2021
Erin Maguire   December 31, 2023
Erin Connolly   December 31, 2022
John Petrolino  Chair; Planning Board Rep. December 31, 2022
Stacey Nunda   December 31, 2021
Carmen Figueroa   December 31, 2022

Ex-Officio Members  
Salvatore Salsa Superintendent, Parks & Shade Trees 
Tom Valenti City Engineer 
Daniel Dominguez Director of Planning