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Planning Board

(The purpose of this Board can be found pursuant to R.S. 40:55D-1 et seq. and in the Municipal Code Section 2.36.010 (B), and Section 16.08.010. The city planning board of nine members consisting of the following four classes.) Plus 2 alternates for total of 11.

  • A. Class I: The Mayor. The term corresponds with his or her official tenure.
  • B. Class II: One of the officials of the city or a member of the city council to be appointed by the Mayor; provided that if there is an environmental commission, the member of the environmental commission whom is also a member of the planning board as required by R.S. 40:56A-1 is deemed to be the class II planning board member if there is both a member of the zoning board of adjustment and a member of the board of education among Class IV member.
  • C. Class III: A member of the city council to be appointed by it.
  • D. Class IV: Six other citizens of the city to be appointed by the Mayor. The members of Class IV hold no other municipal office.
  • E. Alternates Class IV: Two other citizens of the city to be appointed by the Mayor, these alternate members shall serve for terms of two years. Such alternate members shall be designated by the chairman as “Alternate No. 1” and “Alternate No. 2” and shall serve in rotation during the absence or disqualification of any regular member or members of Class IV.)
Name  Title  Term Expires 
Robert Cartica  Class IV  December 31, 2022 
     Dale Vickers  Alternate No. 1  December 31, 2020
     Yelitssa Checo Alternate No. 2  December 31, 2021
John Petrolino  Class IV  December 31, 2023 
Diana Lopez Class IV (Citizen Member) December 31, 2023
Suzanne M. Sicora Ludwig  Class III  December 31, 2021
Jeffrey M. Crum  Class IV (Chair)  December 31, 2021 
Manuel Castaneda  Class IV (Vice Chair) December 31, 2022
Chris Stellatella  Class II (City Official) December 31, 2021
George Chedid Class IV  December 31, 2021
Ryan Berger Class I (Mayor’s Designee)  
Dan Dominguez Board Secretary  
Charles Carley, D-R Engineering Support & Conflict Engineer  
Henry Bignell Board Planner  
Aravind Aithal Board Attorney   
James M. Cahill Class I (Mayor)