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Rent Leveling Board

(The purpose of this Board can be found in the Municipal Code Section 5.80. The board shall consist of five regular members and there may be up to two alternate members appointed by the mayor with the advice and consent of the council; the regular members of the board shall each serve a term of office for a period of three years, commencing January 1 and until their successor are appointed and qualified. On successive years, the terms of office of three board members shall expire. Alternate member shall serve a term of one year; see more information on Section 5.80.010)

Name  Title  Term Expires 
Barbara Blackwell  Alternate December 31, 2021
Marie Catanese    December 31, 2020 
Wendy Stellatella  Chair, Homeowner Rep. December 31, 2022
Derrick Braxton  Tenant Rep. December 31, 2020 
Carmen Lopez  Homeowner December 31, 2021
Michael Barrood  Landlord Rep. December 31, 2022
James M. Harding, Esq.  Board Attorney   
Samuel Beson Alternate December 31, 2021