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Traffic Commission

The purpose of this Commission can be found in the Municipal Code Section 2.36.010 (K).

The Commission shall consist of four Citizens of the municipality appointed by the Mayor and subject to the advice and consent of the City Council, and to serve staggered terms of the three years each without compensation.

Municipal Representatives shall include: The Director of Police or his or her designee, the city engineer, the city planner, and each shall hold membership for as long as they hold public office.

There shall also be one New Brunswick Parking Authority representative and one city planning board representative, each appointed by the Mayor subject to advice and consent of the City Council, and serve staggered terms of three years without compensation.

City Officials Title 

Capt. J. T. Miller                         
Director of Police Designee, NBPD
Dan Dominguez  
 Director of Planning, Community, and Economic   Development

Tom Valenti
 Director of Engineering & Public Works

 Citizen Members    Title                                                                                   Term Expires                
 Keith Jones II    December 31, 2023
 Edwin Keefe    December 31, 2021
 Gail Lockhart    December 31, 2022 
 Carol Rayside    December 31, 2022 
 Mitch Karon  NB Parking Authority, Director - Chair  
 Ryan Berger  Planning Board Representative