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Zoning Board of Adjustment

The purpose of this Board can be found pursuant to R.S. 40:55D-69 et seq. and in the Municipal Code Section 2.36.010 (A), and Section 16.12.010.

The Zoning Board of Adjustment consists of seven residents of the City appointed by the Mayor to serve terms of four years from January 1 of the year of their appointment, plus four alternate  members, for total of 11.

Name  Title  Term Expires 
Michael Belvin   December 31, 2023
    Charlotte McNair  Alternate No. 2  December 31, 2020
    Evelyn Azcona  Alternate No. 3  December 31, 2021
Karla Castaneda    December 31, 2021 
Nancy Coppola  Chair  December 31, 2022
John Cox  Vice-Chair December 31, 2023 
John Zimmerman    December 31, 2020 
Ivan Adorno    December 31, 2021 
Sue McElligot    December 31, 2023
    Beverly Sanchez  Alternate No. 1 December 31, 2021
Christian Sumano Alternate No. 4  December 31, 2020
Aravind Aithal  Board Attorney  
Henry Bignell Board Planner  
Charles Carley Conflict Engineer