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Mosquito Spraying Scheduled for August 23

The Middlesex County Mosquito Extermination Commission will spray between the hours of 3 a.m.-7:30 a.m. on Thursday, August 23.

Neighborhoods to be sprayed include an area with an eastern border of Route 27, a western border of Remsen Avenue, a northern border of Route 18 and a southern border of Van Dyke Avenue and Livingston Avenue. A map of the spray area is available here.

In the event of rain, spraying will take place on Friday, August 24 within the same time window.

The Commission has issued the following tips for residents to utilize to limit their exposure to the spray:
  • Pay attention to notices about spraying found through newspapers, websites, automated telephone messages or notices distributed by municipal, county or state agencies.
  • Plan your activities to limit time spent outside during times of possible insecticide treatments. Move your pets, their food, and water dishes inside during application. Also bring clothing and children’s toys inside. Stay away from application equipment, whether in use or not.
  • Whenever possible, remain indoors with windows closed and with window air conditioners on non-vent (closed to the outside air) and window fans turned off during spraying.
  • Avoid direct contact with surfaces that are still wet from pesticide spraying.  Do not allow children to play in areas that have been sprayed until they have completely dried (approximately one hour).
  • If you must remain outdoors, avoid eye and skin contact with the spray.  If you get spray in your eyes or on your skin, immediately flush and rinse with water.
For more information, including information about the chemicals to be sprayed, visit the Commission’s website here.