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Merge Proposed for City's Engineering and Public Works Departments

On August 1st, the City Council introduced on first reading an ordinance merging the City’s Department of Public Works and Department of Engineering.

Many of the responsibilities of the two departments overlap.

The Department of Public Works oversees sanitation in the City of New Brunswick, including trash and recycling collection and street sweeping; Parks and Shade Tree Division; roadway repairs and repaving; and oversight of the City’s sanitary sewer system.

The Department of Engineering is often engaged in these areas and is responsible for the review of site plans; contract bid specifications; municipal improvement projects; traffic and sign improvements; preparation of City maps; and issuance of permits for construction, dumpsters, fiber optic installation and street openings.

Given the complementary nature of the two departments and the shared responsibilities, the merger is intended to provide greater synergy and efficiency.

The public hearing on the ordinance is scheduled for the next City Council meeting on August 15, 2018. If approved, the new department will be known as the Department of Engineering and Public Works.