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Update Regarding City Plan for a Renewable Energy Program

The City of New Brunswick’s commitment to sustainable practices continues to progress as City officials plan for the implementation of third-party energy providers as a resource for more renewable energy in our community.

Since the spring, City officials have explored renewable energy as a potential option for our energy choices, following a suggestion by NJ Food & Water Watch. Review of the experiences of other New Jersey municipalities that have enacted energy aggregation programs have provided a great deal of insight into the implementation of such a program.

The Middlesex Regional Educational Services Commission, with which the City has a cooperative purchasing agreement, is experienced in this field and has potential to serve as a resource for this project.

A petition circulated by NJ Food & Water Watch in support of the City’s efforts to implement this sustainable energy program through the use of third-party providers will be discussed at tonight’s New Brunswick City Council meeting. The petition is expected to be certified by the New Brunswick City Clerk and introduced on first reading at the meeting.

A public hearing regarding this proposed ordinance will be held at the August 15 New Brunswick City Council meeting.

The proposed ordinance requires energy companies to supply certain amounts of the energy they provide from renewable sources, such as solar or wind, with percentage increases in subsequent years.

The City and its representatives will monitor energy purchasing trends so that the program can be implemented in a way that reduces our carbon footprint and results in potential savings for our residents.