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City Moving Forward on Renewable Energy Aggregation Plan

The City is moving forward on a plan to bring more renewable energy resources to our community, a plan that will help reduce our carbon footprint and help keep New Brunswick clean, green and sustainable.

Earlier this year, the City Council asked the City Administration, following a suggestion from NJ Food & Water Watch, to explore partnering with third-party energy providers to allow for more renewable energy resources to power our community. NJ Food & Water Watch is an organization that has partnered with the City on past initiatives, such as an ordinance that forbids the practice of hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking” within City limits, and just last month, a resolution declaring New Brunswick’s support for lessened use of fossil fuels for the benefit of our community, state and planet.

On July 2, Food & Water Watch delivered a petition to the City of New Brunswick supporting an ordinance that would codify the City’s commitment to renewable energy by partnering with third-party energy providers. While state law requires the City Clerk to certify whether the petition is valid or not, the City intends to move forward with the planned ordinance to implement more renewable energy sources to help keep New Brunswick green, clean and sustainable, regardless of whether the petition is deemed valid.

The City of New Brunswick, already a Certified Sustainable Jersey Municipality because of its energy, sustainability and green future initiatives, looks forward to working with the community and NJ Food & Water Watch on this new initiative.