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City and Rutgers Join on Shared Services Agreement for 9-1-1 Dispatch

The City of New Brunswick and Rutgers University have embarked on a shared services agreement to provide 9-1-1 dispatch services for the New Brunswick Police Department, a new partnership that is expected to yield substantial savings to the City of New Brunswick and enhance the level of services provided by our first responders.

On June 20, New Brunswick City Council approved a $362,103 expenditure to cover the first six months of an agreement that will authorize Rutgers to provide dispatch services for the New Brunswick Police Department as of July 1, 2018. This will cover the remainder of 2018, with additional expenditures to be approved in subsequent years.

Under this agreement, all dispatch services for New Brunswick police and fire will be handled by Rutgers University via RUPD headquarters on Commercial Avenue.

The City of New Brunswick is expected to save approximately $2.6 million in costs over the next five years as a result of this plan.

To help ensure a fully successful shift in operations, the City of New Brunswick worked closely with Rutgers University to enable an easy application process for our municipal dispatch staff to apply for jobs with Rutgers dispatch.

This transition is welcomed, as the New Brunswick Police Department and the Rutgers University Police Department are constantly exploring new and innovative ways to work together so that we may improve our operations, with such collaborations as joint patrols in the off-campus neighborhoods, shared operations plans and partnership on community events, such as Big Ten football games.

Significant time was spent on the research and vetting of viable options to enhance our dispatch services, the results of which supported Rutgers University as the best option for optimization of our dispatch services.

“The City of New Brunswick and Rutgers University have long enjoyed a fruitful partnership with regard to public safety and quality of life issues, and this agreement will only enhance our joint commitment to serve and protect all members of the New Brunswick community,” said Mayor Jim Cahill.