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Notice Regarding the Mailing of Second Quarter Water Bills

On April 13, the City’s Water Department made its regular mail delivery of second quarter water bills to the U.S. Postal Service’s Distribution Center on Kilmer Road in Edison. As is customary, a receipt was obtained from the Postal Service’s bulk mailing processing department.

After several residents contacted the Water Department advising they had yet to receive their bills, the Department contacted the Postal Service who has been unable to locate the bills or confirm that they had in fact been mailed.

As a result, the second quarter bills will be reprinted and resent to all affected customers with an amended payment due date.

A new payment due date of Monday, May 30 has been set for these affected customers. Anyone who receives their bill late will not be charged interest as a result of this mailing error, provided payment is received on or before May 30. Thank you for your cooperation.