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Three NBPD Officers Promoted to New Ranks


Three New Brunswick Police Department officers were promoted to new ranks at a January 28 promotion ceremony at City Hall. (L-R) Lt. James Hoover, Capt. Christopher Goldeski, Capt. Christopher Plowucha, Police Director Anthony A. Caputo and Mayor Jim Cahill.

The New Brunswick Police Department has among its ranks a new Lieutenant and two new Captains following a January 28 promotion ceremony at City Hall.

Sgt. James Hoover, an officer of 14 years with the department was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant.

Lt. Christopher Goldeski and Lt. Christopher Plowucha, both of whom have spent two decades in service to the department, were each promoted to the rank of Captain.

“Our police department consistently undergoes continued training, development and planning to equip our officers with the tools they need to do their jobs safely and effectively. With that level of commitment to excellence, strong leaders are key to ensuring the success of our department, the earned trust of the public and the superior level of service we provide to the community,” said Mayor Jim Cahill.