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Meals on Wheels in Greater New Brunswick Seeks Volunteers to Help Feed Local Residents

(L-R) Mayor Jim Cahill, Chef Beulah Thomas of Promise Catering, MOWGNB Board President Harriet Worobey,  Elijah’s Promise Accountant Lydia Richardson and Shareka Fitz, MOWBNG Executive Director pose for a photo after packing hot food for Meals on Wheels in Greater New Brunswick.

Meals on Wheels in Greater New Brunswick seeks the help of volunteers to help serve home bound residents in the communities of New Brunswick and Highland Park.

Volunteers with Meals on Wheels in Greater New Brunswick currently deliver more than 30,000 meals each year throughout our area, prepared by Promise Catering of Elijah’s Promise.

They current seek volunteers to serve in two capacities:

  • Drivers – Drivers are volunteers that drive meals to each stop. They are asked to use their own personal vehicle to do so.
  • Jumpers – Jumpers ride along as passengers and get out of the car at each client’s home to physically deliver meals. They also act as navigator and assist the driver with directions to each stop.

Meals are delivered Monday through Friday between the hours of 10:30 a.m. and noon.

Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age and are asked to volunteer at least two times a month.

Volunteer applications may be obtained by calling Program Director Shareka Fitz at (732) 249-3488 or by sending an email to MOWGNB@aol.com.