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Learn About New Brunswick‚??s "Recycle Right" Program

A new and improved approach to proper recycling habits will roll out this spring and the City of New Brunswick seeks the help of residents to help keep our community clean and green.

The goal of the New Brunswick Recycle Right program is to ensure that all residents are recycling mandated items and that their bi-weekly recycling is set out properly.  This will improve collection efficiency and will result in less contamination in our recycling stream.

The City of New Brunswick’s Recycling Compliance Monitor (RCM) will inspect collection zones to check for the following:

  • Houses that aren’t recycling
  • Mandated recyclable items placed in the trash
  • Unacceptable items mixed in with the recycling, such as, trash, toys, food, plastic bags, hoses etc.
  • Recycling placed curbside in bags instead of recycling (Use Bins, Not Bags!)
  • Plastic bags mixed in with recycling
  • Recycling containers that are too large or too heavy (max size 32 gallons/max weight 50lbs)
  • Cardboard that is too large to fit fully inside a recycling bin that is not bundled and tied with string less than 4’x4’
  • Recycling containers that are overflowing and causing spillage

If any of the above infractions are observed, the RCM will leave a notice for the residents and make a note of the property. They will return on a future date to check to make sure proper curbside placement of recycling has occurred. If infractions are not corrected, properties may be referred for enforcement.

Proper recycling is easy!

  • The City of New Brunswick practices single-stream recycling, meaning that bottles, cans, paper, and small, flat cardboard can be mixed together in the same bins for collection.
  • Each new homeowner is entitled to two round 20-gallon recycling containers for free for each residential unit at the time they purchase their new home.  New homeowners must bring a copy of their new deed to the New Brunswick Department of Public Works at 400 Jersey Avenue Building #1 to pick up containers. Containers should be picked up within one year of purchasing the new home.
  • Broken or damaged City/County issued recycling containers that are brought back to the Department of Public Works will be replaced with a brand new City/County issued recycling container free of charge for New Brunswick residents only.
  •  Large cardboard must be flattened and tied with string in bundles no more than 4’x4’
    (larger bundles not accepted). Small flat cardboard can be placed in a recycling bin.
  • All recycling must be placed in the bins and cannot be put out in bags. Bagged recycling that is placed curbside will not be collected.
  • If your recycling was placed curbside properly and on time for your scheduled collection date, but was not picked up, please leave it curbside and call the New Brunswick DPW promptly at (732) 745-5104.

More information on proper recycling can be found here or via the City’s MyWaste/Recycle Coach app.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping to ensure proper trash and recycling collection habits in our City!