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New Brunswick Welcomes Sister City Friends from Tsuruoka

City of New Brunswick officials were pleased to welcome three visitors from our Sister City of Tsuruoka, Japan to discuss student exchange programs between our two cities.

From March 8-11, Tsuruoka Superintendent Shinobu Kato, Tsuruoka Board of Education Supervisor Satoshi Watanabe and Yumi Miura, Assistant Director of the City of Tsuruoka Planning Department visited New Brunswick to meet with school and City officials. 


The City of New Brunswick welcomed visitors from our Sister City of Tsuruoka, Japan from March 8-11, 2018. (L-R) Jane Tublin, Deputy Envoy for the City of New Brunswick, Keira Scussa, Assistant Superintendent with NBPS; Superintendent of Schools Aubrey Johnson; Mayor Jim Cahill; Shinobu Kato, Superintendent for Tsuruoka schools; Satoshi Watanabe, Tsuruoka Board of Education Supervisor; New Brunswick Middle School Principal Jeremiah Clifford; and Yumi Miura, Assistant Director, City of Tsuroka Planning Department.

Sister Cities is an international organization that joins communities around the world for the purpose of sharing ideas and culture and cultivating friendships so that we can best learn and grow from each other. New Brunswick has four Sister Cities: Debrecen; Limerick County, Ireland; and Fukui and Tsuruoka in Japan.
The cities of New Brunswick and Tsuroka are approaching the 58th anniversary of our uniting as Sister Cities, which occurred on June 10, 1960.

To learn more about the New Brunswick Sister Cities Association, please visit http://nbsca.weebly.com.