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Winter Storm Updates Regarding Plowing, Shoveling and Downed Trees

As the City cleans up from yesterday’s winter storm, residents are asked to take note of the following information:

  • The New Brunswick DPW’s fleet of 25 plowing and salting trucks continue to plow streets today, including those that were blocked last night by downed tree limbs or wires.
  • If a tree limb is down on your street or sidewalk, please contact the New Brunswick Division of Parks and Shade Trees at (732) 745-5112 for assistance with trimming and removal. Limbs and trees that came down within the perimeter of private property are the responsibility of the property owner.
  • Downed wires can be called in to the New Brunswick Fire Department by calling dispatch at (732) 745-5200. Please keep clear of any downed wires for your own safety. Power outage information is also available via PSE&G website.
  • It is the responsibility of tenants and homeowners to clear sidewalks located on their property. Sidewalks must be cleared within 12 daylight hours of the end of snowfall as well as spread ice or sand on sidewalks to melt ice.
  • While shoveling, residents are asked to assist the New Brunswick Fire Department by shoveling out any fire hydrants that are located on or near their property. Clearing a three-foot radius of snow away from hydrants ensures that in the event of a fire, firefighters will not have to use valuable response time digging for hydrants. 
  • New Brunswick Municipal offices are open today, Thursday, March 8
  • New Brunswick Public Schools are closed today, Thursday, March 8