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New Brunswick Continues Sustainable Jersey Bronze Certification

Did you know that the City of New Brunswick is one of only 208 New Jersey towns that are Sustainable Jersey certified? New Brunswick has again achieved Sustainable Jersey certification at the bronze level for program year 2017.

Sustainable Jersey is a voluntary program that allows municipalities to formally document and develop their “green” initiatives. New Brunswick first achieved Bronze certification in 2015.

In order to maintain its Sustainable Jersey certification, the City of New Brunswick had to complete a certain balance of points for the rigorous program. The City earned 200 points across 18 action items, exceeding the minimum requirement of 150 points.

In order to maintain its status, City officials were asked to document sustainable and eco-friendly policies and programs through a points system. Substantial documentation was provided to explain each City-based initiative, such as participation in the national Project Medicine Drop program and the City’s environmentally-focused Raritan River Festival, which compliment Sustainable Jersey’s objectives.

The City also received credit for sustainability actions and policies that further our commitment to health and wellness, access to healthy and sustainable food and community outreach, including the New Brunswick Community Farmers Market, the New Brunswick Environmental Commission’s Municipal Public Access Plan and Coastal Vulnerability Assessment, our Safe Routes to School Program and the City’s partnership with the New Brunswick Parking Authority to make electric vehicle charging stations publicly available.

To view the City of New Brunswick’s 2017 Sustainable Jersey Certification Report, click here.