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Leslie Zeledón Appointed as New City Clerk


City Clerk Leslie R. Zeledón is pictured with New Brunswick City Council. (L-R) Councilperson Rebecca Escobar, Councilperson Kevin Egan, Council Vice President Suzanne Sicora Ludwig, Leslie R. Zeledón, Council President John Anderson and Councilperson Glenn Fleming.

New Brunswick City Council appointed Leslie R. Zeledón as the new City Clerk at its 2019 Reorganization Meeting at City Hall. Zeledón has served as Deputy Clerk for the City of New Brunswick since September 2011. She replaces longtime City Clerk Daniel A. Torrisi, who was appointed by Mayor Cahill to serve as City Administrator.

“The Council has enjoyed a positive working relationship with Ms. Zeledón, and her appointment is an acknowledgement of her fine work and capability as Deputy Clerk,” said New Brunswick City Council President John Anderson. “It will be a pleasure to continue to work with her in this new role.”

Council Member Rebecca Escobar complemented both Zeledón and Torrisi for their fine work.

“I am super proud of Leslie…she is a product of New Brunswick, she has earned that position, and she was blessed with a great mentor by Dan Torrisi,” Escobar said.

“Leslie is an intelligent and dedicated individual who understands our community well,” said Mayor Jim Cahill. “As Clerk, she will continue to provide outstanding service to our City and its residents.”