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Hydrant Flushing Schedule for October 2-5

Annual fall hydrant flushing is currently underway in the City of New Brunswick

Hydrants are flushed twice a year to remove iron deposits that build up in water mains. Discoloration may occur as a result of flushing, but water remains safe for use.

Residents are advised to avoid using hot water or doing laundry until discoloration disappears, as iron deposits can built up in hot water heaters and possibly stain laundry.

The schedule for flushing on October 2-October 5 is as follows:

Flushing will take place nightly between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m., unless otherwise noted:

  • Monday (nighttime flushing) – George Street, Neilson Street and Bayard Street
  • Tuesday (nighttime flushing) – Jersey Avenue, How Lane, Terminal Road, Triangle Road, Home News Row, Route 27 between How Lane and Van Dyke Avenue, Van Dyke Avenue, Wright Place, and Robeson Village neighborhood
  • Wednesday (nighttime flushing) – Route 27 between Van Dyke Avenue and Route 18, Luftberry Avenue, Mitchell Avenue, Quentin Avenue and Jersey Avenue
  • Thursday (nighttime flushing) – Somerset Street, Hamilton Street, Central Avenue, Guilden Street and Delafield Street

Flushing will not take place on Friday, October 6.