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Free Smoke Detectors Available to Residents via NBFD and the "Save a Life" Program


Free smoke detectors are available to the public via the New Brunswick Fire Department.

The New Brunswick Fire Department has free smoke detectors available to the public, a life-saving tool to help keep residents safe from fire in the home!

The detectors are equipped with batteries that will last for 10 years without having to be replaced.

They are available to New Brunswick residents without an adequate number of detectors in the home as well as those residents with old detectors that need to be replaced.

The smoke detectors were provided via the Kidde and ABC Television’s “Operation Save a Life” program, coordinated through the New Jersey Division of Fire Safety. This program donates smoke detectors to fire departments nationwide to help keep the public safe.

The NBFD has also hosted the American Red Cross “Home Fire Preparedness Campaign” which brings new detectors to homes throughout New Brunswick.

All of these efforts are intended to ensure that as many residents as possible possess working smoke detectors, crucially important tools that alert residents of the first signs of fire.

Smoke detectors are free to New Brunswick residents on a first come-first served basis. Supplies are limited.

Please call fire headquarters at (732) 745-5254 to request a detector.