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2017 New Brunswick Municipal Budget Highlights

The 2017 municipal budget for the City of New Brunswick will accommodate paving for a number of City streets, several million dollars in renovations to the New Brunswick Water Utility, the hiring of several new staff members in various departments and funding for some exciting new capital projects in town.

The budget was approved by City Council on the evening of Wednesday, May 3. The budget is in the amount of approximately $92 million with a tax levy of $33.8 million.

All City programs and services will continue to be funded in 2017.

Due to the City-wide revaluation in 2016, New Brunswick’s tax base, or the total value of all assessed value in town, is $3.3 billion for 2017. This year’s budget calls for a 4.93 cent increase to the local tax rare, meaning an average assessed home of $271,200 will pay an additional $133 in taxes for the year.

The budget will allow for funding of the City’s forthcoming Municipal ID program, the hiring of a new staff member to oversee the City’s Abandoned Properties Ordinance, the hiring of a new full-time OEM coordinator for our Fire Department and the hiring of five new police officers to the New Brunswick Police Department.

The budget allots money for the City to contribute to the engineering and design phase of the Livingston Avenue Road Diet plan, the engineering and design phase of a public park at the former Wolfson Deck site and the engineering and design phase of a new public park on Welton Street.

The New Brunswick Senior Center will get new landscaping and bocci ball courts for our senior residents to enjoy.

Buccleuch Mansion will undergo approximately half a million dollars worth of renovations with structural repairs, exterior painting, replacement of the front porch and ceiling replacement all planned.

Street paving is anticipated to take place on the following roads this year:

  • Wilcox Road
  • Antile Road
  • Hobart Road
  • Prentiss Road
  • Stockton Road
  • Roberts Road
  • Bowser Road
  • Hassart Street
  • Carman Street
  • New Street
  • Abeel Street
  • Hazlehurst Street
  • Seaman Street (partial)
  • Welton Street (partial)

The City’s commitment to renovations in our water system continue with this budget. $4.3 million has been allotted to accommodate filtration improvements at our treatment and distribution plant, the purchase of new water meters to replace a portion of existing meters in residential and commercial properties, engineering and design of new sedimentation basins at the treatment and distribution plant and funding for the second phase of a water main replacement project in the Rutgers Village neighborhood.

To view the 2017 municipal budget for the City of New Brunswick, please click here.