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Sister Cities Friends from Fukui Visit New Brunswick

The City of New Brunswick is currently hosting a delegation of young people from our Sister City of Fukui, Japan as part of the longtime friendship our two communities share.

The Fukui Junior Ambassadors and their chaperones are visiting our City this week and spending much of their time with students from New Brunswick Middle School. They are attending classes at the middle school this week, visiting Rutgers University and touring New Brunswick.

The delegation and their student companions and teachers from New Brunswick Middle School also spent time with Mayor Cahill at City Hall on March 20.

Sister Cities is an international organization that joins communities around the world for the purpose of sharing ideas and culture and cultivating friendships so that we can best learn and grow from each other.

New Brunswick has four Sister Cities: Debrecen; Limerick County, Ireland; and Fukui and Tsuruoka in Japan.

We also share student exchanges by welcoming our Sister City students here and sending New Brunswick students abroad to further learn from each other’s cultures. Students from New Brunswick Middle School will be visiting Fukui and Tsuruoka this coming fall!

For more information on the New Brunswick Sister Cities Association, please click here.