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Sister City Visits Continue with Tsuruoka Delegation


The City of New Brunswick recently welcomed another delegation of international visitors, this time hailing from our Sister City of Tsuruoka, Japan.

The Tsuruoka Junior Ambassadors and their chaperones spent five days in our community during which they attended classes at New Brunswick Middle School, visited Rutgers University and toured New Brunswick.

They also visited City Hall in the company of students from the middle school and met with Mayor Jim Cahill and Superintendent Aubrey Johnson.

Sister Cities is an international organization that joins communities around the world for the purpose of sharing ideas and culture and cultivating friendships so that we can best learn and grow from each other.

New Brunswick has four Sister Cities: Debrecen, Hungary; Limerick County, Ireland; and Fukui and Tsuruoka in Japan.

A delegation of students from Fukui visited the City last week on a similar Sister Cities trip. Students from New Brunswick Middle School will be given a chance to repeat these experiences when they visit Tsuruoka and Fukui this coming fall.

For more information on the New Brunswick Sister Cities Association, please click here.