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Mayor Pens Letter to Residents Regarding Renewable Energy Program

This week, New Brunswick residents will receive a letter from Mayor Jim Cahill with an update on the status of our RenewableNB energy program.

The text of the letter is available below and in English and Spanish-version graphics. 

Renewables LetterEnergy Ag Letter Spanish Version

Dear Resident,

As we announced last year, the City of New Brunswick has initiated a program that aims to lessen your electricity costs while providing a higher percentage of renewable energy. In the coming weeks, you may receive an official letter on behalf of the City detailing important information about this Government Energy Aggregation (GEA)program.

Government Energy Aggregation is a program that allows local governments in New Jersey to create a large buying group of residential electricity accounts in order to seek bids from third party energy suppliers for cheaper energy supply rates.

What does this mean for you?

  • You will remain a PSE&G customer.
  • PSE&G will continue to deliver your power with the same quality of service.
  • You will continue to receive only one bill, and that will come from PSE&G.
  • If you like, you may choose a higher renewable energy supply option than what is offered in our plan.

What will happen?

  • Enrollment in the program will be automatic, unless you opt out before it begins. The date for this will be specified in the next letter.
  • Once enrolled, you are under no obligation to continue to participate in the program and may opt out at any time. There are no “early cancellation” fees.
  • Account holders that are already with a third party supplier are excluded from this program, but may opt in.
  • You will see the change in your electric bill during mid-summer.

Where can more information be found?

We will soon launch a website that further explains this program, accessible through our City website, Facebook and Twitter. Along with a lower energy rate, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint by including options for a higher percentage of renewable energy than what is required by state law, making our community a leader in the state.

Thank you for your participation in our sustainable, clean energy efforts!