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RenewableNB Program to Yield 50 Percent of Energy from Renewable Sources

The City of New Brunswick is pleased to announce the next phase of our renewableNB energy aggregation program, an initiative that will source 50 percent of our electrical energy from renewable sources, resulting in a cost savings to residents and a reduction in the carbon footprint of our community.

On May 7, Direct Energy Services won a bid to provide third-party energy to the City at a rate of .11386 cents per kilowatt hour for a 17-month contract. Through this arrangement, residents will continue to receive power bills from PSE&G, but will see a designation on their bill indicating the sourcing of their energy via Direct Energy and the cost savings incurred per bill.

This will be the highest percentage of renewable energy use by any community in the State of New Jersey, putting the City of New Brunswick five years ahead of schedule in our plan to incorporate 100 percent renewable energy by the year 2035.

“We are very pleased to be able to offer this new plan to our residents,” said Mayor Jim Cahill. “This plan lowers electrical costs for each enrolled resident, while placing us five years ahead of schedule to increase our community’s renewable energy use to 50 percent.  It is a positive step in direct line with our sustainability efforts while saving money for our residents and building a cleaner future.”

Enrollment in this program is automatic for all residents, unless they opt out or have already contracted with a third-party energy supplier.

Residents should note the following:

  • The City will NOT send any representatives out to residences regarding this program claiming to be employed by the City or by Direct Energy
  • The City will NOT telephone residents to discuss enrollment, rates, or any other matters pertaining to their power bill
  • NO fees will be charged to residents to enroll

Last week, all City of New Brunswick residents were sent a letter from Mayor Cahill containing information about the program. A second letter will be mailed in mid-May with more information about energy rates and next steps. The letter will also contain information for any residents who may wish to opt out of the program.

A public information session regarding the program will be held from 6:30-8 p.m. on Thursday, June 6 in Council Chambers of City Hall, 78 Bayard Street.

For more information on the renewableNB program, please visit www.renewablenb.com.