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Successful School Kids Sweep-Up Day Nets 1,680 lbs. Litter

New Brunswick fifth graders cleaned 1,680 pounds of litter from City streets during our annual School Kids Sweep-up Day.


School Kids Sweep-up Day is held annually as part of the City’s Urban Cleanup Week and rewards the efforts of fifth grade students in our schools for their efforts in helping to keep our streets clean.

Fifth graders from Livingston School, Lord Stirling Community School, Lincoln Annex School and Paul Robeson Community School for the Arts donned gloves and safety vests, grabbed pickers and bags and spent the day outside in the neighborhoods near their schools cleaning litter, aided by their teachers, New Brunswick DPW staff and New Brunswick police officers.

Help was also provided by volunteers with Unitex and Coca-Cola, the event’s longtime sponsors.  The two companies donated lunch and bottled water to keep the students nourished.

After a morning of cleaning, the students gathered in the gymnasium of Paul Robeson Community School for the Arts to receive awards for the litter collected. All litter was taken to the New Brunswick DPW for proper disposal and recycling.

As a reward for their efforts, the students were treated to a Clean City Celebration that entailed games, a recycling-themed magic show, trivia and the annual Slam Dunk the Junk basketball tournament!