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Have a "Green" Holiday Season With These Recycling Tips!


Some more tips to keep in mind, courtesy of the Middlesex County Improvement Authority:

Wrapping paper that rips: If it rips, it recycles. Put it through the rip test and if it passes, place it in your recycling bin.

Wrapping paper that doesn’t rip or is metallic: Remember the rip test.  If your wrapping paper doesn’t rip, then it is probably made of plastic instead of paper and therefore cannot be recycled.

Holiday cards: Can be recycled. Don’t let all of that recyclable paper go to waste this season, put them in your recycling bin!

Cardboard and gift boxes: With the rise of cybershopping, you might have a bigger inventory of cardboard boxes and a large number of those gift boxes that make such pretty packages under the tree. Remember to break them down flat before placing them in your bin to ensure enough space for the higher volume of recyclables you are likely to incur through the holidays. Larger boxes should be flattened and tied no bigger than 4’x4’x1′.

Bows and ribbons: Your best bet is to save them and reuse them each year. Bows and ribbon are naughty for the recycling bin.

String Lights: Maybe you’re trimming the tree only to discover that last year’s lights are no longer repairable. Whatever you do, don’t put them in your recycling bin. 

Plastic cutlery: If you can avoid it altogether, that is the best strategy. But if you need to use it, consider reusing it again and again. When you can’t use it any longer, you should put this type of plastic in the trash, not your recycling bin.