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City Launches "Make It Count" Meter Donation Program

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Residents and visitors to the City of New Brunswick can help fund services to the homeless and those in need through the “Make It Count” meter donation program. This direct transaction-based donation service utilizes specially-designated parking-style meters to accept monetary donations in the form of coins, credit cards, and debit cards. All proceeds will benefit various social service agencies serving the homeless and those in need.

The “Make It Count” donation meters are painted bright red, and can be found installed along George Street, Somerset Street, Easton Avenue, and French Street, with additional locations within the city under consideration. Those willing to donate can directly insert coins into the meter, make a safe and secure transaction with a credit or debit card, or through the city’s new Donation Zone (6500) on the ParkMobile app. The meters were manufactured and programmed by IPS Group, a company that has provided similar meters for donation purposes for other cities around the country.

New Brunswick Mayor Jim Cahill believes the “Make It Count” program will prove to be a valuable platform for donation collection in the city. “New Brunswick has long had a reputation for being generous to those most in need,” says Mayor Cahill. “The “Make It Count” program will provide a streamlined connection between those willing to donate and the agencies that rely on donations to provide critical services. Those donating will have confidence their money will be provided the best return on their investment to help improve the lives of others.”

For more information or to donate to the “Make It Count” program, please visit cityofnewbrunswick.org/makeitcount, or search “Make It Count New Brunswick” on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.