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Former City Attorney William Hamilton Remembered at Council Meeting

William Hamilton Resolution Presentation
New Brunswick City Council President John Anderson (L) presents a resolution honoring the late William Hamilton to some of his family members at Thursday's city council

Former New Brunswick City Attorney William Hamilton was remembered with a special resolution reading and presentation as part of Thursday evening's city council meeting. The resolution was read aloud by current City attorney T. K. Shamy, who served alongside Hamilton for a number of years. "Bill Hamilton earned the respect and appreciation of anyone who met him in his civic, political, and professional lives," read Shamy, "because of his competence, dedication, integrity, selflessness, and professionalism." 

Members of the City Council, legal advisors, and City department heads all shared kind words of their experiences of working with Hamilton, who served as New Brunswick City Attorney from 1986 through 2014. 

Mr. Hamilton's numerous accomplishments included serving in the U.S. Navy, working in Jacksonville, FL under then-Attorney General Robert Kennedy, representing the 17th District in the NJ General Assembly (including as Assembly Speaker), and as a State Senator.

Hamilton passed away in October at the age of 86.