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Residents Reminded to Practice Social Distancing When Visiting City Parks

With Saturday’s announcement of the closure of all non-essential businesses and a stay-at-home order now in effect, these latest measures taken by the State are the farthest reaching yet in attempts to slow the spread of COVID-19. 

The best way to keep yourself, your family and our community safe is to stay at home. An exception to the requirement to stay home is walking, running, or engaging in outdoor activities but remember, those doing so are required to follow best social distancing practices with other individuals, including staying at least six feet apart.

So if you find being housebound is getting the best of you and your family, New Brunswick’s City Parks are open to the public. We will continue to maintain our parks so you will have the opportunity for a daytime walk, jog, bike ride or other outdoor activity. 

When spending time at a City Park, you must adhere to the guidelines of social distancing and practice safe hygiene. This includes:

-Be aware of the possible spread of COVID-19 through tot lots and playground equipment. Swing sets and other play area apparatus can be easily contaminated. It is recommended that you avoid using them.   

-Be mindful of others who are also using the park. Employ social distancing and maintain at least 6-foot separation at all times.

-Remember to always cover sneezes and coughs with a tissue, your elbow or your shoulder. 

-Those not feeling well should avoid being in any public spaces and talk to their health care provider. 

Be smart. Be safe. Be well.