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Important Planning & Zoning Applications & Other Forms Available Through City Website

A mandatory stay-at-home order might not seem like the best time to explore an addition to you house or business; but with all the extra time you’ve been spending working at home, it could be the best time to assess your needs.

Homeowners thinking about improvements and business owners rethinking strategies to improve service and profits may find it more important than ever to take advantage of easy and ready access to applications and other important City forms. The City’s official website “cityofnewbrunswick.org” provides a convenient and easy platform to download any forms you may need. With anytime availability, these can be accessed outside normal business hours.

Zoning permit application forms, instructions on how to complete the form, and guidance on signage and zoning permits are all downloadable. 

Other important applications are also available. These include site plan subdivision applications and guidance instructions, land use applications, signage and façade permits and a list of escrow review fees. Certified property list requests and completion instructions can also be easily accessed.

To download these and other forms and documents, visit cityofnewbrunswick.org, hover on “How Do I” in the upper right corner, then click “Find A Form” or click here to access the City of New Brunswick Planning page.