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Alternate Side Parking Regulations to be Temporarily Suspended

As the State-mandated stay-at-home directive continues, the City of New Brunswick announces a temporary suspension of enforcement of alternate side parking rules, which would normally take effect on April 1 as part of the City’s street sweeping operations. The suspension is due to the increase in vehicles parked on City streets as a result of the recent stay-at-home order, which was announced by Governor Phil Murphy last Saturday to help slow the spread of COVID-19. 

Despite the suspension of the parking rules, the street sweeping program will begin on April 1. Street sweeping helps get trash, debris and dirt out of the streets so that it does not end up in waterways, a significant source of water pollution in our rivers, streams and lakes. 

Residents who are able to comply with the alternate side rules are encouraged to do so. This will allow the street sweeping equipment to collect as much debris as possible.

An announcement will be made soon as to when enforcement of the alternate side parking rules will begin.