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Important Reminder: Fireworks and Firecrackers Remain Illegal in the City of New Brunswick

Graphic of NON-permissible fireworks

Summer celebrations are usually highlighted by a municipal firework display in New Brunswick and neighboring towns. However, due to social distancing measures that remain in place throughout the State of New Jersey, most organized and licensed displays have been postponed until later in the year.

Personal fireworks and firecrackers are among the ILLEGAL devices that have become commonplace in our neighborhoods this summer. Because they compromise the safety, security, and comfort of our residents, visitors, pets, homes, parks, streets and wildlife, they violate City Ordinances of noise control and disorderly conduct. They also carry up to $1,200 in fines and a required court appearance.

Fireworks that are NOT permissible include: all firecrackers, all sky rockets and bottle rockets, all Roman candles and other shell devices, all aerial fireworks, and all other similar devices that are shot into the air. If you are aware of any such activity in your neighborhood, please call the Police at 732.745.5200 to alert them of location.  Residents and visitors may also report ongoing situations anonymously through the Reportit app, or at reportit.com.

Novelties that are permitted by the State of New Jersey are sparklers, sparkling devices, and smoke devices that remain at ground level, and party poppers that distribute confetti.