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Explore New Brunswick Through Geocaching

The New Brunswick Historical Association invites the public to join them in “Geocaching” as a way to learn more about about the great history of our City.

Geocaching is an app and website that allows users to view pins on a map in a geographic location.

Users may then visit the location of the pins and search for their exact spot, usually accompanied by a small receptacle containing a sign-in sheet. They can also view the corresponding historical information on the app and leave comments, if desired. 


The Historical Association recently published its first official Geocaches, located in two spots in New Brunswick.

One can be found near Willow Grove Cemetery and the Henry Guest House, both located in the vicinity of the New Brunswick Free Public Library.

The Henry Guest House is one of the oldest structures in New Brunswick. This Georgian stone farmhouse dates to 1760, and was built by alderman Henry Guest. It was named to the National Register of Historic Places in 1976.

The Willow Grove Cemetery is located at the rear of the library in the Livingston Avenue Historic District. It was constructed in the early 19th century as a graveyard for Baptist and Presbyterian churches. Many prominent local government officials are buried here and it is also the final resting place for several of the first Japanese exchange students to come to the United States.  

Our second geocache is in Buccleuch Park outside the Buccleuch mansion. The structure was originally built by Anthony White and known as the “White House.”  He filled many positions in public office and was the son-in-law of Royal Governor Lewis Morris. The house is dated at 1739.

The Historical Association has several more geocache pins that are awaiting approval and others in the development stage.

Geocaches exist in spots all over the world, and all are invited to utilize the program to try to locate them. New Brunswick and the surrounding areas have many more available to be discovered!


If there is a specific site or area of the City you would like to see included, please email your suggestion to historicalnewbrunswick@gmail.com.

To get started on your search, visit www.geocaching.com.