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Spotted Lanternfly Advisory in Central New Jersey

October 21, 2020 - An invasive species, the spotted lanternfly, has made its way to central New Jersey.  This insect was accidentally introduced into Berks County Pennsylvania in 2014. Today it has spread throughout Pennsylvania and to neighboring states that include New Jersey.

Lanternflies have dotted wings and colorful beauty, but are harmful to New Jersey crops and hardwood trees. There is an effort to eradicate these insects when they are identified.  With the arrival of Fall, spotted lanternflies are laying their eggs. Egg masses contain 30-50 eggs and are easy to identify within a mudlike gray substance on trees, fences, outdoor furniture, and other objects. 

New Jersey residents are asked to identify, locate and destroy these egg masses on their properties. They can be scraped into a bag or container with alcohol, hand sanitizer, or a bleach solution and disposed.


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