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Middlesex County Improvement Authority Presents Inaugural Recycling Award to Donna Caputo

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ – New Brunswick’s recently-retired Recycling Clean Communities Coordinator, Donna Caputo, was honored by the Middlesex County Improvement Authority (MCIA) with the first ever Curbside Recycling Coordinator of the Year Award for 2020.  

Ms. Caputo’s illustrious 26-year career includes her service on the Association on NJ Recyclers (ANJR) Board of Directors since 2008. Other career highlights include the NJDEP Recycling Award for Municipal Coordinator in 1999 and the ANJR REX (Recycling Excellence) award in 2017.  

“To implement a successful recycling program, it requires participation and coordination and no one did it better than Donna,” said New Brunswick Mayor Jim Cahill. “She brought a passion and a drive to her work that inspired our City residents to get involved, while motivating those around her to succeed. Those are the traits of a great leader, and Donna certainly is one.”

“It is fitting that Donna is the recipient of the MCIA’s first ever Curbside Recycling Coordinator of the Year Award. Even before climate change became the crisis it is today, Donna understood the importance of recycling and the difference it could make for our planet,” said Freeholder Director Ronald G. Rios. “With her trademark energy and enthusiasm, Donna led the charge to educate the residents of New Brunswick regarding recycling and worked hard to involve the community in the cause. Her commitment and contributions will be greatly missed. On behalf of the Board of Chosen Freeholders, I congratulate Donna on this well-deserved honor.”

In making the inaugural award, Executive Director of MCIA, H. James Polos, commented, “Middlesex County has long been recognized for its high rate of recycling in the State of New Jersey, and by pooling our resources we are able to pass the savings in our curbside recycling disposal costs to our taxpayers.  This benefit exists as long as our residents follow the guidelines on proper recycling.  Donna’s years of hard work, dedication and educational efforts to the residents of New Brunswick have greatly contributed to our County-wide success.  For that, I can think of no better person for us to recognize than Donna Caputo.”

“Donna has been a true innovator when it comes to community involvement in recycling,” stated James P. Nolan, Chairman of the MCIA. “New Brunswick’s volunteer litter clean-ups, Clean City Block Program, Kids Sweep-up Day, as well as interactive exhibits, and a vast array of partnerships with community organizations to educate residents are as a result of Donna Caputo’s leadership.”  

“Donna will be the standard under which future recycling of the year recipients will be judged,” concluded Polos.  “In addition to her accomplished career in recycling, Donna was a pleasure to work with and her drive and dedication will be long remembered.”