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Redevelopment Plan Addresses Next Step of Abandoned Properties Process

The next phase of the City of New Brunswick’s Abandoned Properties Rehabilitation Ordinance is in motion, following the introduction of an Abandoned Properties Scattered Site Redevelopment Plan focusing on six abandoned houses in town.

This past August, the City of New Brunswick established its Abandoned Properties list, which provides a direct process to return abandoned and derelict homes to viable housing stock as well as improve aesthetics and public safety conditions in our neighborhoods.

If a property is unoccupied for at least six months and the owner has failed to rehabilitate it or has missed at least one property tax payment, this ordinance allows the City to classify the property as abandoned and start legal proceedings to possibly take ownership of it.

This redevelopment plan is the first step towards designating an entity to undertake the rehabilitation of these properties.

These six properties are:

109 Howard Street

147 Remsen Avenue

377 Lee Avenue

42 Joyce Kilmer Avenue

7 No. Ward Street

84 Jersey Avenue

Four additional properties that had been named to the Abandoned Properties List in August are in the process of appealing their inclusion on the list and were therefore not considered for inclusion in the redevelopment plan.

City officials intend to utilize the Abandoned Properties Ordinance in tandem with local Redevelopment and Housing Law to acquire the properties, designate an experienced community housing development entity and authorize said entity to rehabilitate the property so it can be returned to viable housing stock in our community.

The redevelopment plan was introduced at the October 17 New Brunswick City Council meeting. The New Brunswick Planning Board also reviewed the plan and made a recommendation for City Council to approve it.

A public hearing regarding the redevelopment plan will take place during the November 7 City Council meeting.