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City Goes Live with New Reporting App


The City of New Brunswick is pleased to announce a new tool for community members to utilize to contact City officials with reports of non-emergency happenings around town, such as a pothole, a missing or damaged street sign or a clogged storm drain.

Reportit™ is a free app that allows users to send reports directly to City officials regarding things they see around town. It is free, simple to use, supports multiple languages and is available for both iPhone and Android technology.

How Does it Work?

Those who choose to report an issue can do so within City boundaries by opening the app and selecting “City of New Brunswick.”

Users answer a few questions regarding the issue in question, provide comments and are able to attach a photo, if desired. Each report also includes a map and GPS data for the location, along with date and time.

Once entered, the reports are sent to designated City personnel to be addressed during business hours.

Reports can be entered by smartphone, tablet, or desktop and can include the author’s contact information or be made anonymously. All submissions will be sent to designated City officials to be reviewed and addressed.

In the event of an emergency, residents should call 911.

Resident feedback is an important tool in helping City officials keep our community running smoothly and the purpose of this tool is to provide residents with an easy, direct and mobile way to contact City government about issues in our community.

How Can I Find It?

Please click the links below to find the apps for iPhone and Android: