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How to Report Missed Trash/Recycling

If your recycling was set out curbside on your proper collection day but was not collected, please take the following steps:

  1. Call the Middlesex County Improvement Authority recycling hotline at 1-800-488-6242 after 4 p.m. on your collection day and leave your name, full street address (specify New Brunswick), and your phone number. Indicate how many bins of recycling and bundles of cardboard you have.  If you are a corner property, please indicate the name of the side street your recyclable materials are on. You can also use the "Report a Problem" feature in the Recycle Coach app to report your missed trash or recycling.
  2. Then, leave your recycling at the curb. A County or City recycling/sanitation inspector will verify that the recycling was put out correctly. Missed recycling is customarily retrieved on the Thursday of your collection week. If construction on your street prevented your recycling to be picked up, it will be retrieved on the Saturday of your collection week.
  3. If you call the day after your regularly scheduled collection day, call New Brunswick’s Recycling Office at (732) 745-5059. Please call no later than the next day to report missed pickups.  If you do not call by NOON, we can't guarantee you will make it onto the missed pick-up list. Your call also enables us to alert the Inspections Department that the contractor is returning to your location to collect properly set out recycling.

No bags!  Do not place your recycling in clear plastic bags.  All bottles, cans and paper should be placed loose in a City/MCIA recycling bin.  If using a different container as a recycling bin, please make sure there is no lid so the driver can see it is recyclable material and make sure the container is no larger than 32 gallons and no heavier than 50 lbs.

Small flat pieces of cardboard can be included in the recycling bin if they fit completely inside the bin.  Large cardboard boxes must be flattened, bundled, and tied no larger than 4’x4’x1’.

If your recycling was not picked up and a red rejection sticker was placed on it, it was left because it was improperly placed, or contaminated with non-recyclable items.  Please review the red sticker for the cause of rejection and pull your recycling back in. You must sort out unacceptable items and place loose recycling in a proper recycling receptacle for the next regularly scheduled collection day.