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Engineering and Public Works

Welcome to the Department of Engineering and Public Works for the City of New Brunswick!

DPW Services:

  • Trash and recycling information
  • Clean City Block Captain Program
  • Sewer and utility information
  • Paving
  • Snow plowing and street sweeping information

Engineering Division Services:

  • Site plans & specifications
  • Construction and consultant contracts associated with utility and other municipal improvement projects
  • Traffic and signal improvements
  • Preparation of street maps, Ward Maps, and drug-free zone maps
  • Preparation of grant applications for funding of road improvements projects, clean up of contaminated sites, park developments
  • Oversee preparation of Tax Maps prepared by Consultant Surveyor

Engineering issues permits for:

  • Street openings
  • Curb and sidewalk construction
  • Crane placement
  • Dumpster placement
  • Installation of fiber optic cable

The Department of Engineering provides technical assistance to the following Boards and Commissions:

  • Traffic Commission
  • Accident Review Board
  • Planning Board and Board of Adjustment