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How to Obtain a Recycling Bin

Recycling Containers

Where to Get Recycling Containers
Containers can be obtained Monday – Friday at the Department of Public Works at 400 Jersey Avenue from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM, excluding holidays. 

How to Get Recycling Bins, and Cost
  • Each new homeowner is entitled to two free 20-gallon recycling containers for each residential unit at the time they purchase their new home.  New homeowners must bring a copy of their new deed to the New Brunswick Department of Public Works at 400 Jersey Avenue, Building #1 to pick up containers. Containers should be picked up within one year of purchasing the new home.
  • Residents and businesses must pay for additional containers.
  • Residents and businesses must pay for new bins if old bins are lost or stolen.
  • The 20-gallon round container currently costs $12.00. 
  • 32-gallon round recycling containers are also available for purchase for $18.00.
  • The City is tax exempt; therefore no tax will be charged. Only checks and money orders will be accepted.  Make checks and money orders payable to The City of New Brunswick. A receipt will be provided.
How to Replace Broken or Damaged Bins
  • Broken or damaged City/County issued recycling containers that are brought back to the Department of Public Works will be replaced with a brand new City/County issued recycling container free of charge for New Brunswick residents only. 
  • The City/County recycling containers are for the specified recyclable materials only.  If trash is placed in your recycling container, it will not be collected.
  • Use of other containers for recycling is not encouraged, however other open rigid containers up to 32 gallons and no heavier than 50 lbs. will be accepted for collection of single stream recycling.
Please call (732) 745-5059 with any questions. 

*** Thank you for using bins, not bags, for recycling. ***