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The Department of Finance is responsible for the administration of the City’s finances, assessment of all properties within the City’s boundaries, and the billing and collection of taxes and collections of water/sewer payments.

These functions are carried out through three divisions: Accounts and Treasury, Tax Assessment, and Tax Collection. Working within the prescribed statutory requirements and policies established by the New Brunswick City Council, each division performs a specific group of tasks that collectively administer all aspects of the City’s finances.

How is the value of my property determined?

Can I receive reduced property taxes?

Is anyone exempt from paying property taxes?

How do I apply for reductions/exemptions?

How can I receive information about the assessed value of homes in New Brunswick?

Can I request information without coming to City Hall?

What information is made available?

What is market value?

What determines market value?

When are Property Taxes Due?

How do I make a payment?