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Annual Increase Examples

New Brunswick’s Rent Control Ordinance regulates how much the annual rent increase can be on most rental apartments. If you are in a regulated unit, your rent cannot be increased more than once in a 12-month period. The chart below shows the maximum allowed increase - unless the landlord was approved for a vacancy decontrol and you were notified of this in writing and in your lease.

If you suspect your rent was increased by more than is allowed, contact the Rent Control Office at 732-745-5050 to ask what the maximum legal rent is for your unit.

Allowable Annual Increase for 2020


The links below contain examples of how much an “old” rent would increase if the landlord raises it by the allowable maximum. (These examples are shown for information purposes only. The rent increase for your apartment depends on the exact amount of your old rent and whether your landlord raises the rent to the maximum or to a lesser amount.)