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Abandoned & Vacant Properties

Vacant Property

The City of New Brunswick has a comprehensive ordinance and program dedicated to the management of vacant properties.  Our goal is to ensure the safety and security of the community by enforcing local and state codes to make sure the properties are maintained.

Chapter 15.70 of the Municipal Code governs vacant properties, and provides the following definition of Vacant Property:
"Vacant property" shall mean any building or structure that is not at present legally occupied or at which all lawful business or construction operations or residential or other occupancy have substantially ceased, and which is in such condition that cannot legally be re-occupied without repair or rehabilitation, including but not limited to any property meeting the definition of abandoned property in N.J.S.A. 55:19-54, 55:19-79, 55:19-80 and 55:19-81; provided, however, that any habitable property where all the building systems are in sound working order, where the building and the grounds are maintained in good condition, and which is being actively marketed by its owner for sale or rental, shall not be deemed a vacant property for purposes of this chapter."

Registration of such buildings is required.  The current Vacant Property Registration Form should be filled out and returned to our office, along with the appropriate registration fee (as indicated on the form). 

  • Registrations are valid for six (6) months, at which time they must be renewed.
  • Regular inspections will be performed on the property to check for maintenance issues and hazardous conditions.  Upon finding any, the responsible party will be notified to correct the problem.
  • We welcome any questions regarding vacant properties, as this can be a confusing topic.  Please contact our office for information about a property you are responsible for, or to provide notification about issues at a vacant property.

Elaine Broyles
Zoning Officer/Vacant Housing