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Bike Lanes

Dedicated Bike Lane 

New Brunswick is installing bike lanes throughout the city.  The lanes will be a combination of shared lanes,  known as sharrows, and on-street bike lanes. (Bike Lanes Map)

The City is using Community Development Block Grant funds to develop bike lanes in low/moderate income residential neighborhoods. These lanes include a dedicated bike lane on Remsen Avenue and sharrows in the 2nd, 5th and 6th Wards. Construction of these lanes began in Fall 2012. Other City funds are being used to create lanes in other non-residential areas of town, such as College Avenue.

Middlesex County is expected to start construction on a 2 mile bike lane in the Spring of 2014 that will create a system of mostly dedicated bike lanes stretching from George Street on the College Avenue campus to Neilson Street on the Douglass Campus.



Dedicated lanes are installed where the roadway width is sufficient to allow for both the bike lane and the vehicle travel lane. Sharrows are used when the existing road width is not sufficient to accommodate a dedicated bike lane. As both cars and bikes are sharing the same roadway space, the sharrow lanes have generally been located on streets with lower traffic volumes. The network of lanes in the 5th and 6thWards will connect major institutions and points of interest in the area, including Rutgers, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital and Bucceleuch Park.


The City has also adopted a Complete Streets policy that directs the City to add bicycle and pedestrian facilities to streets lacking these facilities when the City does road improvements. In the summer of 2013, the City repaved Somerset Street from Hardenberg Street to the municipal boundary and a portion of College Avenue. As part of this project, sharrows were installed on the streets to create a shared bike lane.