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Bikes and Cars Together

Bikes and cars both share the same roadways. Both cyclists and motorists need to recognize and respect the rights of all users of the road

3-Feet-proof-33 Feet Please

  • Motorists need to give 3 feet of clearance when overtaking a cyclist on the road. Cyclists need this room to be able to negotiate around road obstacles, such as debris in the road. Giving 3 feet isn’t only the courteous thing to do, it’s also the law in New Brunswick.

Door Zone:

  • Cyclists should stay 3 feet off the curb or parked cars so as to stay out of the “door zone”. Opening doors on parked cars can be hazardous to cyclists. It’s one of the reasons motorists need to give 3 feet of clearance to cyclists when overtaking them.

Door-Zone2Motorists Turning In Front of Cyclists:

It’s the law in New Brunswick –

  • If a motorist is making a left turn and a cyclists is approaching from the opposite direction, the motorist must give the right-of-way to the oncoming cyclist
  • If a motorist is intending to make a right turn and is overtaking a cyclist, the motorist shall not turn in front of the cyclist until they have safely cleared the cyclist

Riding Two-Abreast

Cyclists can ride two-abreast, but no more, as long as traffic not impeded by doing so. Otherwise, ride in single file.

Lights, Bells and Helmets

  • If riding after dark, a white front light and red rear light are required
  • A bell, horn or similar device is required (but no sirens)
  • State law requires a helmet for all riders 17 years old and under