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Planning & Development

The City of New Brunswick/Department of Planning and Development oversees a broad range of programs aimed at improving neighborhoods and encouraging growth in New Brunswick.

The Department manages planning and zoning activities for the City, including preparation of a master plan and zoning ordinance, site plan and variance reviews and the issuance of zoning permits. The Department also designs redevelopment plans and other planning documents.

Community Development
The Department administers the federal HOME Investment Partnership and CDBG block grant programs and projects, and administers the City’s Regional Contribution Agreements. These programs and projects are used to assist low-income persons, families and neighborhoods in New Brunswick. The types of programs and projects typically include:
  • Fair housing counseling services
  • Owner-occupied housing rehabilitation
  • Assistance for new construction of affordable housing and supportive needs housing

            Daniel Dominguez, Community Development Administrator

Economic Development
New Brunswick is designated as an Urban Enterprise Zone by the State of New Jersey. The UEZ program offers sales tax and other benefits to businesses located in qualified portions of the city. Businesses register for the program directly with the State’s UEZ office.

The Department also funds a micro-financing lending program through the UCEDC, which offers loans to micro-enterprises of between $500 and $15,000. Applications for funding are made directly through UCEDC.

Rent Control
This Department administers the rent control program for the City. Most rental units in the city are regulated. Their rent increases are capped at the annual allowable increase limit and landlords are required to register their unit each year and to file the required fee. Persons who feel that the ordinance provisions have been violated may file a complaint with the Rent Control Office to resolve the problem.

            Maria Cody, Rent Control Administrator
            Patricia Rivera, Rent Regulation Officer

Housing Improvement
The Department operates housing rehabilitation programs for owner-occupied, one- and two-family dwellings. The Home Improvement Program provides a deferred loan of up to $30,000 for rehabilitation of substandard systems in the house. Application for assistance is made directly through the City’s Rehab Program Manager,  Community Grants, Planning and Housing, Inc. (CGP&H).

            Charlene Ward, RCA Administrator
            Program Managers CGP&H:  609.664.2769

The City of New Brunswick
Department of Planning and Economic Development
PO Box 269 - 25 Kirkpatrick Street                              
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Phone: 732.745.5050
Fax:     732.565.7532