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Annual Increases

New Brunswick’s Rent Control Ordinance regulates how much the annual rent increase can be on most rental apartments. If you are in a regulated unit, your rent cannot be increased more than once in a 12-month period. The chart below shows the maximum allowed increase - unless the landlord was approved for a vacancy decontrol and you were notified of this in writing and in your lease. Additionally, you may also access the 2021 Revisions to the Rent Control Ordinance.

If you suspect your rent was increased by more than is allowed, contact the Rent Control Office at 732-745-5050 to ask what the maximum legal rent is for your unit.


2021 Allowable Annual Increase:     2.5%
2020 Allowable Annual Increase:       2.5%
2019 Allowable Annual Increase:       2.5%
2018 Allowable Annual Increase:       2.5 %
2017 Allowable Annual Increase:       2.5 %
2016 Allowable Annual Increase:       2.6%
2015 Allowable Annual Increase:       2.6%
2014 Allowable Annual Increase:       2.5%

Administrative Fees:
Registration Fee$45.00 
per unit as of January 1, 2021
Late Fee:  
If filed after April 30:  $15.00  per unit additional ($60.00 total per unit)
Vacancy Decontrol Fees:

     -Vacancy Adjustment:  $45.00  per unit
     -Market Vacancy Decontrol: $90.00  
per unit

Owners of unregistered units are subject to summonses and fines.
Registration forms, decontrol forms and other information can be found here